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Institution Enrollment

  • फॉर्म भरल्यानंतर एकूण ७ डॉक्युमेंट्स bookbank@siddhivinayak.org ह्या ई-मेल आयडी वर पाठवावे

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Student Enrollment Process
विद्यार्थी नावनोंदणी प्रक्रिया

The process is to apply online
  1. the subbmissition of the application this will be treated as online application
  2. Fee payment online - the refund will be done to the same UPI details as provided
  3. all the documents listed to be send to email : bookbank@siddhivinayak.org Click on more for detail steps
the application will be processed only after receving the documents over email.

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Documents List for the Institution Enrollment
कागदपत्रांची यादी

Please subbmit the following document in colour as attachment on the mail with size not more than 1 mb each document.
  1. Registration certificate under the Public Trust Act, 1950
  2. Copy of by-laws of the institution
  3. Govt. order/approval showing recognition issued to the institution to establish the college
  4. Certified list of economically weaker and needy students, arranged faculty-wise, duly verified
  5. Copies of PAN cards and identity cards of Secretary/Principal/Chairman of the institute
  6. Last year's report of books received and distributed by the institute
  7. List of required books along with author names arranged faculty and year-wise

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